Fuel Tank repair

Fuel Tank

We provide complete fuel tank cleaning and gas freeing for all types of fuel storage tanks including underground petrol tanks and oil and diesel tanks. Our preferred method of fuel tank cleaning is man entry because we believe that this is the most efficient and comprehensive. Nevertheless, we also have the experience in high-pressure jet washing. For this, we use a lance with a universal revolving head to clean without streaking. We clean as much water as we can and recycle it so as to reduce disposal costs.

Professionalism at its best

With our innovative fuel tank cleaning services, we will clean your tank for re-use, to prolong the life of the tank or resolve bio-fuel clogging problems and as preparation for scrapping your tank. The method we prefer to use in making your fuel tank safe to work on is Nitro-foam inerting, which we believe is the best and safest way to expel volatile fumes out of your tank. If you intend to remove your tank, we will fully expose it so that we can cold cut a huge opening. The purpose of this opening is to facilitate fuel tank cleaning and gas freeing so as to prevent any accumulation of flammable gases during the tank removal. We undertake all petroleum, oil and diesel tank cleaning projects in strict compliance with all present environmental, safety and health regulations.

Fuel tank ultrasound analysis

Once we finish cleaning your fuel tank, it makes sense to examine the interior for faults that may lead to subsequent leaks. We can either do this manually using our vision or use ultrasound technology. Although other available tank tests can only establish whether your fuel tank has an existing leak, our ultrasound test can detect impending corrosion problems before a leak actually occurs and causes environmental problems and unnecessary expenses for you. With an ultrasound examination, we will be able to take several readings that will give us a picture of the thickness of your fuel tank’s skin. As such, we will be able to know where the skin is becoming thin due to corrosion or whether a leak is likely in the near future. We can perform the procedure on de-gassed tanks that are remaining in the ground or above ground tanks.

Why trust us

We work on the forefront of providing you with innovative solutions to your most challenging maintenance requirements. We specialize in completing surface preparation, preservation projects and advanced cleaning. We offer a complete range of technologically advanced solutions to meet the needs of our customers often on time-sensitive schedules. With our established track record, commitment to safety and industry certifications we ensure that you are getting the best results. We have proven our reputation by always staying prepared and having the right equipment thus, always striving to surpass our clients’ expectations. Since we have experience in all types of tank cleaning, our projects vary from small tanks to immense storage vessels. We are always interested in new projects big or small so do not hesitate to contact us in respect to whatever that has to do with your fuel tank.