King Radiator Newmarket

King Radiator Newmarket

King Radiator offers the most specialized and comprehensive radiator rebuild, repair, and fabrication in Newmarket. For us, no job is too big or too small we do it all. We offer complete radiator services for stationary equipment, farm equipment, trucks, and cars. While most radiator repair shops only replace automotive radiators, we repair, pressure test, flush, and clean truck radiators as well. We are capable of replacing radiator gaskets and side tanks, repair tube damage, and clean stopped up radiators. Generally, radiator repairs can be a more affordable option when trying to repair a cooling system that is overheating. Should your radiator be irreparable, we have an assortment of radiators in stock. All we ask for is a chance to prove to you that we are certainly the best in Newmarket.

Why choose King Radiator Newmarket

We thrive on getting your truck’s radiator fixed as efficiently and rapidly as possible. We have on hand all the tools required to fix your truck radiator so that you can save time and get you load out there as fast as possible. Here at King Radiator, we pride ourselves as the area’s most dependable place to take equipment and large trucks for radiator replacements and repairs. We have the manpower and facilities to get you back on the road with minimal downtime. We have fully stocked our repair facility with an assortment of parts and our repair staff is unrivaled to any other in the region. Whatever material that your heavy-duty unit comprises, we have the product knowledge and experience to fix it. We provide cleaning for truck radiators to ensure better cooling by allowing more airflow to pass through the fins and increase the cooling capacity of your radiator. Our pressure tests and cleaning services can increase your radiator’s lifespan and help avert breakdowns and other problems down the road. We provide, complete radiator rebuilds, fin and tube repairs as well as tank replacements. Give us a call if you are having trouble with your truck radiator or reach out to our parts department if you are looking for a new and complete radiator.

Best truck radiator services Newmarket

Time is an important factor when it comes to truck radiator repairs and as such, we have expanded our inventory to carry the most common radiator cores. There are several radiator types such as Mack and Kenworth that require replacement of the radiator’s core. We keep in stock a better than OE core that comes with reinforced headers, a supplementary row of tubes, and dead-end corners to help prevent tube leaks from the corners. We also have in our possession, certified technicians who specialize in Genset radiator repair. We provide on-site repairs on all generator radiators since our repair shop can handle all radiators irrespective of their size. You will often find Genset radiators on generators for twenty-four hour units, marine applications and other industrial and commercial applications. We know the urgency that comes with construction and farming and we take great pride in speeding up construction and farming radiators upon arrival. We have equipped our auto care facility to handle all farm equipment radiators and provide speedy and affordable repairs in order to keep your equipment running. We offer core replacement for heavy-duty debris applications and other re-core replacements to provide the best levels of cooling in your system. Both major and minor repairs on copper, brass, aluminum and plastic radiators for construction and agriculture are a common occurrence here at King Radiator and our qualified staff is always ready to take on your cooling system needs. It goes without saying that our customers are the foundation of our business and we take that very seriously. Our aim is to continue providing the residents of Newmarket with superb services so that they will not hesitate to refer other customers to us. Contact us today to work with our professional technicians.