King radiator North York

King Radiator North York

At King Radiator, we consider ourselves a home-based success story. The company came to be when the founder, a determined and highly motivated visionary identified a distinctive opportunity to provide high quality service to an industry that was suffering from poor quality control. The founder has been able to deliver on this vision and now King Radiator has grown from a small facility to a reliable supplier in numerous industries with a concrete re-coring service to heavy duty trucks, public works and transit. Over the years, King Radiator has transitioned and we have been able to introduce new radiators to the industry. We have also been working with strategic partners and utilizing superior manufacturing procedures and quality control so as to ensure that each radiator that we ship or install meets the standards of our customers.

Why choose King Radiator North York

We can assure you that we are the best radiator company in Canada, but words mean nothing without actual proof. Here are some of the reasons why we should be your first choice when looking for a truck radiator company.

  • Professional assistance- We understand that selecting the right radiator for your truck is not easy and that is why we will help you know precisely which radiator is right for your truck. We do this by first giving you a quick walk through of what is available. The second thing we will do is to use a tape measure to ensure that you get a radiator that fits your truck and is most efficient.
  • Professional staff- As our customer, you will never have to complain about unprofessionalism because our team here at King Radiator endeavor to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction with every single service that they offer.
  • We are enthusiastic about what we do- There is nothing that we love more than providing radiator installation and servicing to our clients. We value all our customers and this is evident in our work because you will often find us working even at odd hours just so we can meet all their requirements and needs.
  • We are dependable- You can rely on us to provide prompt radiator installations in and around North York. We also respond promptly to emergency calls.
  • We are affordable- Without a doubt, the services we provide throughout North York are the most affordable in the region. As such, you can always access our services irrespective of your budget.
  • Highly experienced staff- We have a team of professionals and when it comes to providing radiator services, they are highly experienced because of the numerous years they have been doing the job.


Best truck radiator services North York

  • Replacement and installation of radiators- We offer a comprehensive variety of radiators to the residents of North York. Our team of experienced professionals will be able to examine your truck and advise you accordingly. Whether you need repair, replacement or installation, we will be able to provide you with services within your budget.
  • Radiator and air conditioning service- As a locally owned company, King Radiator offers expert installation of radiators as well as heating and cooling system parts for domestic and foreign trucks in North York.
  • Expert installation- At King Radiator, we provide a complete line of services ranging from recycling Freon and antifreeze to aluminum welding work. We provide professional installation of all the products that we sell.
  • Industrial, commercial and off-road trucks- Our team of professionals are able to service all makes and models of vehicles whether off-road, commercial or industrial. As such, if your truck or car feels too cold in the winter or too hot during summer, bring it in to our repair facility in North York. We will ensure that you get back on the road with a comfortable ride.
  • Superior parts- At King Radiator we only sell and use quality parts on your truck to ensure that you will not experience more problems in the near future.