King radiator Oakville

King Radiator Oakville

King Radiator is a company founded on rebuilding leaking radiators. While other auto care facilities in Oakville patch leaks and cover up what they are unable to fix with stop leak products, we completely strip off all the old solder on every joint, disassemble your metal radiator, clean it and reassemble it with all new quality solder. Our rebuilds are never complete without our technicians cleaning rods through every tube manually and high pressure flushing the assembly continuously throughout the rebuilding procedure so that it remains as clean as it was at the time of manufacture. Not only do we give your truck’s radiator prior treatment, we also use high quality seal material to reassemble it so as to guarantee the long life of your radiator and good gasket seal reliability. We believe that our rebuild procedures and techniques result in some of the best finished products. That is why we are not afraid to stand behind our products.

Why choose King Radiator Oakville

There are numerous reasons why we should be on top of your list when it comes to choosing the best radiator company, but here are a few common ones.

  • Warrantied services- We stand behind our products with a warranty against workmanship defects not only to safeguard our clients but to also assure them that we are confident in our services. What we want is to assure them that we are providing them with the best radiator services in the industry.
  • Cost efficiency- Unlike most of the other auto care facilities in Oakville, we offer our services at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Our aim is to supply our customers with high quality service and parts. We recognize that we are not perfect, but we will always strive to provide you with exceptional services.
  • Minimal response time- Time is money and no other auto care company in Oakville keeps that in mind as much as we do. Anytime you place a call to us, we will respond within the shortest time possible to ensure that your truck is back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Free advice- After every, repair, replacement or installation job, our technicians will give you advice on how to maintain your truck’s radiator so as to avoid future problems without charging you.
  • Use of quality parts- We only use OEM parts or quality aftermarket parts on your truck so you can rest assured that your radiator will last for a long time to come without any problems.
  • Accredited technicians- Allowing amateurs to handle anything that has to do with your radiator is just like swindling you out of your hard earned money and we are not about that. Only qualified technicians will work on your truck radiator to guarantee a quality job.

Best truck radiator services Oakville

With our full staff of technicians and engineers, we approach your truck radiator with a clean sheet of paper, calling upon our several years of experience attained from fabricating and designing cooling systems. Your truck’s cooling system is complex and you can depend on us to employ some high-class technology, including replacing traditional roll-tube cores with an extruded tube core that is much stronger and more efficient. Our fins have double folded edges that can endure damage better from flying debris. Another distinctive feature with us is that we reinforce the corners of each of our radiators in order to maintain their integrity during severe impacts. Your contentment is always our main concern and that is why we strive to deliver matchless services whenever you bring your truck to our auto care facility. We can confidently say that we have some of the best engineers in the industry who have gone through extensive training and achieved the necessary certification. Because our clients are of great value to us, we always involve them in what we do. Contact us today to experience competency at its best.