King radiator Orillia

King Radiator Orillia

In Orillia, King Radiator is the preferred radiator repair facility. With many years of experience in replacing radiators in all types of commercial and personal vehicles, we are certain that we can fix any problem you are having with your truck’s radiator. Whether it is an industrial radiator, tractor or truck, we can handle it. Whenever you need radiator service, it is imperative to turn to a radiator repair expert. Our specialists at King Radiator have the expertise in finding the particular problems that your radiator is experiencing, which could be as a result of numerous factors. From broken engine fans, broken radiator belts, low level of engine cooling and clogged radiator cores, you will certainly be in good hands in the hands of our auto repair experts. We not only pride ourselves on our excellent commitment to customer service, but our outstanding radiator service as well. When you visit our repair shop, we will treat you with the utmost respect because we value and appreciate all our customers. Without you, we would not be in business and we do not take that for granted.

Why choose King Radiator Orillia

From our forthright truck radiator repair services to heavy machinery radiator repairs, King Radiator is your go to radiator repair facility. We can provide you with emergency repairs and replacements as well as prevent radiator problems so as to effectively save you the trouble, money and time. King Radiator is also the fastest radiator shop in the region. Our services are round the clock. There is no time of day that your calls will go unanswered. Whether it is night or day, we can accommodate your needs. We are also a legitimate business. Some businesses operate without the proper licensing and take advantage of that to scam customers. We have all the required licensing to conduct our business in Orillia. Since our inception, we have been building a reputation for ourselves and we are pleased that it is now paying off. Residents believe in our services and they trust us to deliver only the best services to them. Moreover, we have years of experience in the field and there is nothing that we have not seen or handled when it comes to truck radiators. With our competitive prices and skilled staff, there is really nowhere else you would rather go for your truck radiator repair needs other than King radiator.

Best truck radiator services Orillia

King Radiator has been providing customers in Orillia with first-rate automotive repair and maintenance services for many years. Our skilled mechanics will get your truck in top operating condition and up and running. We provide an assortment of services including cooling and heating services, engine maintenance and truck radiator repairs and replacements.

  • Automotive radiator repair- If your engine is overheating, we can most certainly help. We service all makes and models of trucks. Our automotive radiator repair services include air and heat conditioning, radiator re-coring and radiator repairs.
  • Industrial radiator repair- Our talented and certified technicians will repair radiators on all types of industrial equipment including forklifts, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, heavy-duty trucks and more. We know that that your machines are not as productive when they are in our hands and that is why we handle all repairs speedily to get you get you back to the field or construction site as fast as we can. We offer a one-year and twenty four thousand mile warranty on all the work we perform. We have established a tradition of quality, dependable and honest service without all the cut-rate work, misleading advertisements and sales tricks. Our best advertising platform is our faithful customer base. For most truck owners, radiator repairs are neither convenient nor fun. Our aim is to make your experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. Our hope is that you can trust in our ability to meet all your expectations.