King Radiator Toronto

King Radiator Toronto

At King Radiator, we pride ourselves in repairing your truck radiator as efficiently and fast as possible. We have all the parts on hand to repair and clean your truck’s radiator so that you can save time and get back on the road. Toronto residents know us as the region’s most reliable place to take equipment and large trucks for radiator replacements and repairs. From agricultural equipment and off-road trucks, to school buses and local transit, we have capable technicians who will get you back on the road within the shortest time possible. We stock an array of heavy duty radiators and our repair staff is incomparable to others in Toronto. Regardless of whether your heavy duty unit is copper, brass, plastic, aluminum or steel, we possess the knowledge and experience to handle your truck’s radiator. We know that a standard pressure and cleaning test can prolong the life of your radiator and help prevent breakdowns in the future. Complete radiator rebuilds, tube and fin repairs as well as tank replacements are some of the services we offer.

Why choose King Radiator Toronto

The cost of radiator repairs can seem exorbitant at times and unfortunately, money is hard to come by. However, you really have to ask yourself if you are really saving money by having an amateur repair your truck’s radiator out of a repair facility. From our years of experience in this business, we can assure you that the cons of doing that outweigh the pros. The endless updates with automotive repair require more advanced techniques of detecting and repairing, most of which are very costly in terms of tools and training. What you will not see behind the repair is the training that all of our staff undergo so that your job turns out properly with as minimal comebacks as possible. When you entrust us with your truck’s radiator repair, you get a workmanship warranty against any faults that may occur within the stipulated period. However, if you decide to go the unprofessional way, this is one of the benefits you will not get to enjoy. For us, our clients are our number one priority and we cannot do without them. That is why our customer service is second to none. All our staff are courteous, friendly and approachable and as such, you will never feel intimidated anytime you call or visit our auto care facility.

Best truck radiator services Toronto

King Radiator has been serving Toronto residents for a number of years. At our auto care facility, we offer re-coring services, aluminum repairs and plastic radiator service. We also repair re-conditioned and new charge air coolers and gas tanks on trucks, vans and cars. Additionally, we provide flow testing, back flushing and clean flushing for radiators in the region. In the execution of our services, we use environmentally friendly recycled Freon and antifreeze. We are committed to providing our customers in Toronto with high quality radiator re-core and repair services using OEM or quality aftermarket parts. We guarantee your satisfaction with our free investigative services and warranties and we believe that this is proof that we are not just after your hard-earned money. Our experience goes way back, giving you access to a huge database of knowledge with handling of all makes and models of trucks. From motorcycle radiator repairs to cleaning charge air coolers in heavy duty trucks, we do it all. Old, new, industrial or small, we have the experience and facilities to assist you. Our reputation stands on the many years of quality work that we have been putting in. Affordability, dependability, prompt service and customer contentment come first for us here at King Radiator. If you are within Toronto and you are looking to get the best radiator service, do not hesitate to contact us because we genuinely care about the condition of your truck and we would like to give you value for your money.