Off Road Radiators

Off Road Radiators

Off-roading puts more stress on your vehicle than you might think. All the risky conditions, vibration and potential damage can cause disastrous failure on the road. Cooling off a trail-worthy vehicle takes a competent off road radiator. For most off road enthusiasts, radiators are an afterthought, but anytime you increase the load or horsepower in your vehicle, for instance with lower gears or bigger tires, it requires an upgraded radiator and cooling system. In general, we build our off road radiators like those for any other vehicle, starting with the design procedure, and construction of the aluminum components and then weld them together. Nonetheless, off road radiators require special attention to cope with vibration and impact, such as mud, debris and rough terrain. Therefore, our engineers take these factors into account and specify thicker tanks, mounting flanges and related components.

Keeping temperatures down

With our full staff of engineers, we approach radiators with a clean sheet of paper, calling upon our many years of experience attained from designing and fabricating cooling systems. Cooling systems for racecars are the most sophisticated and stressed of any vehicle, weight, durability, balancing cooling ability, and aerodynamics. We employ some exclusive technology, including replacing conventional roll-tube cores with an extruded tube core that is more efficient and much stronger. Our fins have double folded edges that can better endure damage from flying debris. Another feature with us is that we gusset the corners of each of our off road radiators so as to maintain their integrity during severe impacts such as jumps.

Radiators and racing

The more extreme classes of off road racers require special radiators. These environments are also exceedingly dirty so we design our off road radiators with very open fin density to prevent clogging. Our engineers also ensure sufficient airflow with a properly designed duct system and high-performance electric fans.  Since it can be quite difficult, to drain the air out of a remote radiator, we use a remote surge to ensure that all of the air makes its way to the highest point and out of the engine and radiator. Our extruded tube radiators have three times the pressure rating of conventional aluminum radiators. It is possible to run them at higher pressures in order to raise the boiling point of the water. This stops the formation of steam pockets that may lead to overheating. There are several factors you should consider when upgrading your vehicle to an off road radiator. Durability, efficiency and technology should play a key role in your decision. A low-cost imported aluminum radiator might just damage your expensive engine and leave you stranded.

Reach out to us

We care about your contentment and that is the reason why we endeavor to deliver exceptional services anytime you come to us. Our engineers are arguably the best in the industry having undergone rigorous training and attained the necessary accreditation. Since you are of great importance to us, we always ensure that we involve you in what we do. Our engineers will explain what they plan to do with your radiator so that you are in a position to make an informed decision.