Repairing your truck’s radiator that is broken or damaged is a great way to save on labor costs that would be charged by a mechanic. Apart from saving you the cost, your safety is important as well. Below are some safety tips for working on car and truck radiators.


Identify the problem


You need to locate the problem with your truck radiator first of all. Most common problems with truck radiators are leaks. Fortunately, most of the time, there is always a cheap truck radiator repair you can do on your own. At times, the damage could be bigger and it’s something that a professional has to take care of.  However small or big the problem is, driving with a truck radiator leak is dangerous.


Know your limits


This applies to your physical limits. Attempting to lift a huge car with a weak back can cause serious harm to your body. Truck radiator repair can be very easy on some vehicles and complicated on others. Prior to starting on truck radiator repair, you should turn off your vehicle’s engine and allow it to cool down for at least an hour before doing anything. Burns from a hot radiator or engine are among the most common radiator repair injuries. This is true especially when opening the truckradiator cap, as boiling hot liquid and pressure can cause serious injuries.


Keep away from flames


Fire hazards may seem unlikely when working with liquids but this is a real threat that should be accounted for when carrying outtruck radiator repair. All open flames should be kept away from your working space. A fire extinguisher should be kept close as well because it will come in handy should there be a fire. Fires can also be caused by electrical wires so if there is a gas leak, it is recommended you keep sparks away from your vehicle’s engine during truck radiator repair.


Work with others


It is never a good idea to work alone if you decide to repair your truck radiator. Having a family member or a friend around is a good idea because of the extra help you will receive. Having someone else at the site of your truck radiator repair ensures that even if a fire occurs, there will be someone to administer first aid to you and call in health personnel to take you to the hospital.


Choose affordable radiator repair solutions


There exist several cheap truck radiator repair methods that are easy and they include;

Using a cold epoxy and applying it directly on a truck radiator leak after everything is clean and cool. Take off the distributor cap and turn the motor over a few times so as to create a suction that will pull the epoxy into the radiator. This will stop leakage in the truck’s radiator.

  • Truck radiator leaks can be repaired temporarily with the use of an aluminum radiator repair stick. The effectiveness of the stick depends on the truck radiator’s condition and preparation of the surface you wish to repair.

Even though you may repair your truck radiator on your own, the results are almost always temporary and truck radiator specialists in Brampton recommend certified mechanical repairs for your vehicle.