Truck Condenser

Truck Condensers

The AC condenser is the component that transforms your truck’s refrigerant from gas to liquid so that it can flow through the air conditioning system. Since the condenser essentially functions as the heat exchanger for the air conditioning system, a significant amount of heat emanates from it during the conversion. If the condenser becomes too hot, it will not be able to transform the refrigerant into cooled liquid form essential for production of cold air. A condenser fan’s work is to keep the condenser cool so that it can continue to convert gas into liquid efficiently and keep your truck’s air conditioning system functioning correctly. Usually, your truck will display several symptoms of condenser failure and we offer both replacement and repair solutions.

When to repair your truck’s condenser

The AC condenser is a vital constituent of your truck’s air conditioning system. Owing to its role in the refrigeration cycle, your condenser needs to be in a position that allows it to access air. Since its role is similar to that of your truck’s radiator, your condenser will usually be in the front of your vehicle just behind your bumper. Although this design is resourceful and may keep your truck running safely in the event of a tree branch or a stray rock, if you live in a warm area, air conditioning can seem just as important. Things like the stray rocks and branches are your condenser’s worst enemy. Over time, vibrations can cause your truck’s condenser to leak, since your condenser sits on your truck’s frame.  If you suspect that you have a condenser leak, bring your truck into our repair facility so that our technicians can fix the problem.

When to replace your condenser

Anytime you are deciding whether to replace or repair your condenser, consider its age first. Since our technicians update their knowledge every so often, they know that technological advancements for condensers roll out every few tears, they might recommend a condenser replacement if yours is more than ten years old. Sometimes, even if a repair would fix the problem with your truck’s condenser, it would be better to have a new unit installed since it would be more efficient and save you money in the long run. Leaks in your condenser are another reason why you should replace your condenser unit. It might seem like a trivial problem when it is actually a major one. It is impossible to replace condenser seals or tubes, so if your condenser begins to leak, you will have to get a replacement. A blockage is another sign of problems. If there is a blockage within your air conditioning system, it might be time to replace your condenser. Sometimes, Depending on the damage, you might also have to replace a few other costly parts as well such as the compressor. Our technicians suggest that this is the best time to consider replacing your entire air conditioning unit.

There is a lot more to a fully functional and efficient air conditioning unit than just the condenser and that is why we pay attention to all the components of your AC unit. Our services are all-inclusive.