Truck Radiators

Truck Radiators

We are among the major suppliers if not original aftermarket radiators in the region. With over half a million units re-cored or sold, our inclusive services provide drive in and drive out fully installed units. We pride ourselves in serving our local community and neighboring areas. We treat all our clients as first priority and stand behind all our work with our first-rate services and our many years of experience in the industry.

Our services set us apart from the rest

Some other repair facilities may have made you believe that your truck radiator is irreparable because of its plastic tanks. If that is the case, then you need to get in touch with us. This is because there is nothing we cannot tackle that has to do with radiators. Irrespective of whether your radiator is plastic or metal, we are up to task to repair it. We thrive on getting your truck’s radiator repaired as efficiently and rapidly as possible. We have all the parts required to repair and clean your truck radiator so as to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in rebuilding or repairing your radiator. We are the region’s most dependable place to take large trucks and equipment for replacements and radiator repairs. From off-road trucks to agricultural equipment, we have the facilities and technicians to get you back on the road with minimal interruption. We have heavy-duty radiators and our staff services are incomparable. Our technicians will ensure better cooling of your radiator by cleaning it on a regular basis hence, allowing more air to flow through the fins and increase the cooling capacity of your radiator. Our standard pressure and cleaning test prolongs your radiator’s life and helps prevent breakdowns and problems down the road.

Why we should be your number one choice

We provide replacements for fin, tanks and tube repairs as well as complete radiator rebuilds. We have a long-standing tradition of maintaining personal relationships with all our clients because we believe that our clients are our main assets. We have many years of experience repairing radiators for trucks of all models. Our experience is incomparable in the region and independent auto repair shops have relied on us for years to handle their repair needs because of our skills and extensive knowledge. We derive great satisfaction in knowing that our clients are content with our work and that they will refer anyone who needs similar services to us. Our technicians will pick up your heavy-duty radiator from your location and after repairing it, they will bring it back, in most cases on the same day.

Were it not for our clients, we would probably not be in business and we are aware that our dependable and quality services are the reason why you will keep coming back to us for your radiator and cooling system needs. You will not find another company in the region with more competent technicians than the ones we have. This is because we ensure that we hire only highly trained and certified staff. Call us to schedule an appointment.