About Us

Who are we

Founded in 1967, (family owned) is a privately held conglomerate that is heavily involved as the Leaders in Industrial Radiator Service Repair with the Largest heavy duty radiators, air charge coolers, AC condensers inventory in Ontario.

Trusted and respected industry wide, our company has the privilege of leading some of the highest profile projects in Canada.

Trends for the future in the vast world in the cooling industry.

Our specialties in the industry are:

  • Semi Trucks
  • Industrial
  • Off Road, Equipment ,Construction, Mining
  • Coach, Transit
  • Generator/Remote

The Legacy Continues

In 2000 Bob’s son, John, took the helm of the family business. John has worked with King Radiator in various roles for over twenty years. John brings his experience with front line customers and shop staff to his new role at the head of the company. He has been able to transition his father’s company to introduce new radiators for the trucking industry. John also found strategic partners with superior quality control and manufacturing processes to ensure every radiator installed and shipped by King Radiator would meet the standard its customers have come to expect.

Other offerings:

  • *Rebuild All Types of Radiators/CAC/Oil Coolers
  •  *Custom Aluminum Radiators/CAC/Heater Exchangers/Coolers
  • *Fuel Tanks, New/Aluminum/Steel Custom
  • *We also carry new product for sale

Generator/Remote/Stand By

  •   *In House repair/re-build
  •   *On-site RE-RE/Location
  •   *Custom by design
  •   *Professional & experience On-Site tech crew                    

A New Direction

In 2014, John took an ambitious step to expand his company into a 10,000-sqft facility in Mississauga with over 1,500 stocked radiators, charge air coolers and condensers. King Radiator is now the largest radiator supplier and manufacturer in Mississauga.
Following in his father’s footsteps, John saw another opportunity to provide higher value for taxpayer managed public transit fleets by offering newly designed and stocked radiator solutions. To avoid the downtime and logistics cost related to re-coring radiators to distant customer bases, King Radiator launched King Radiator Transit Line, the company’s new transit division. These radiators are manufactured using the highest quality control currently available in the industry. King Radiator’s 14 step testing process used for all new transit radiators ensures a higher life expectancy and greater reliability for customers. Pioneered by John, this testing initiative is the first of its kind for transit.
Today, King Radiator delivers across Canada and the USA with over 500,000 radiators re-cored or sold to date. John and his mother continue to grow this Canadian success story.