Peterbelt Radiator Repair

peterbelt truck radiator

 With your engine running at high temperatures, excess heat can significantly damage your radiator over time. At King Radiator, we have highly trained staff who are capable of repairing your Peterbelt radiator.

Your Peterbelt radiator is responsible for cooling the engine and when it does not work correctly, your truck will overheat. This normally results to warped heads, blown gaskets and radiator problems. Our technicians at King Radiator will ensure your radiator is working as anticipated.

Throughout the summer months, there is not a more vital part of your truck’s engine than the radiator. Truck radiators keep the engine cool and prevent it from overheating. Every truck radiator is essential of course, so no matter what model of truck you are driving, or what type of radiator you have, we inspect your hoses regularly to check your radiator for fluids or leaks during routine checkups.

Our services

The radiator sends coolant running through brass and aluminium tubes, keeping your Peterbelt radiator’s temperature steady. Over time, the plastic coolant tank may crash and begin seeping coolant or it may block with debris and stop even distribution of coolant throughout the radiator.

Another feature of radiator performance is the external fin surface and the capacity to flow air through the core enabling the cooling effect. Many new model trucks have built-in tanks and oil coolers for the diffusion. Our technician’s training in all the latest methods in radiator repair ensures that you will be able to acquire appealing results.

Leaking coolant is not the only indicator that you require our services in checking out your Peterbelt radiator. We recommend that your engine’s radiator be inspected as part of your regular maintenance routine. We conduct a radiator flush, which may prevent clogs from occurring in the first place.

The following is our inclusive process when it comes to radiator repair.

  • In-depth high-pressure washing of unit
  • Cleaning and high flow pressure flush
  • Pressurisation of unit to trace seepages
  • Washing repair remains from exterior and flush
  • Drying and painting unit
  • Repairs by means of flux and solder


Why we are the best

Our purpose and objective is to limit unnecessary damage to your engine and ensure that it runs effortlessly and safely in the long run.

Our staff are certified and knowledgeable so they are able to deliver quality results in the repair of your truck radiator.

We work efficiently and fast to ensure that your vehicle is back on the road and that your time and money is not wasted.

We operate online making it easy for our clients to access our services.

Our friendly staff are always willing and ready to answer any questions from clients as well as offer consultancy services so that you know how to maintain the general health of your truck.

The coolant circulation system is vital to your engine’s functionality so turn to us at King Radiator because we are radiator professionals you can depend on and trust. Our team of experienced technicians with numerous years of experience are located in Ontario, Canada. We are a business that dedicates itself to radiator repair for heavy-duty trucks and equipment.