Freightliner radiator repair

Freightliner Radiator Repair

A truck radiator repair can be a very complicated job. A lot of drivers who find a slow radiator coolant leak usually decide to just add some fluid and leave it with the intent of taking care of it later. Unfortunately, disregarding a heavy-duty truck radiator leak can turn out to be a very expensive decision if left unattended. When you have a freightliner, you will need to keep your radiator leak free so that it can function properly. Even a slow radiator can cause an increase in temperature, create air pockets and cause overheating. Trust us to perform the best repair on your freightliner’s radiator.

Locating a radiator leak

You can easily detect radiator leak symptoms and at times, you can even perceive an antifreeze leak. An antifreeze leak smell is a sure sign of problems and although smelling a hose or radiator leak can be easy, finding the leak itself requires expert knowledge. Our technicians will check your entire cooling system carefully and they will be able to see into every area that may be leaking. You may have an internal engine leak or a leaking heater core. In some cases, they might have to use a pressure tester to help in finding the leak.

Our exemplary repair services

A lot of times, a semi radiator leak is a header leak up in one of the corners of the radiator. Another common problem is a tank leak at one of the connections or a seam leak. While our experts can slow down tank leaks anywhere, it is almost impossible to fix a tube to header radiator leak on the road and you will have to bring your freightliner into our repair facility. Look out for warning signs of radiator failure because they usually occur gradually. If you allow our technicians to conduct regular inspections, they will be able to detect coolant leaks before they cause complete failure. You should always have your freightliner’s radiator repaired at a professional facility instead of trying to do it yourself.

We prioritize your safety

You should never attempt to repair your freightliner’s radiator on your own. This is for safety reasons because for instance, you probably do not know that you should only look for leaks after turning your engine off and giving it time to cool. Your radiator is hottest just after you turn off your engine. Our professionals have the knowledge to handle your radiator repair. There are a host of other things you might not know in regard to radiator repair. For instance, radiator leak additive is not something you want to use unless there are no other options available. This is because radiator additive can cause other problems within your cooling system. We are a company that cares about our customer’s safety and satisfaction as well. Our intention is to provide you with first-rate services and this is evident in the reputation we have in the region. With our trained and qualified technicians, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best in the industry. All our staff is friendly and approachable and you will have an easy time working with them.