Truck Radiator Repair

truck radiator repair

Who are we?

King Radiator HD Inc. is among the major suppliers of original aftermarket radiators in Ontario, Canada. With over five hundred thousand units sold or re-cored, our comprehensive services provide drive in and drive out of wholly installed units.

We take pride in serving the residents of Ontario and its adjacent areas. Our first priority is our clients and we stand behind all our work and offer quality services supported by our years of experience in the industry.

Why Choose King Radiator Services

If you have been made to believe that your radiator cannot be repaired because its tanks are plastic, then you need to contact us. This is because we make durable and assured repairs to plastic radiators. Regardless of whether your radiator is all metal or plastic, we are equipped to repair it.

At King Radiator, we thrive on getting your truck radiator repaired as efficiently and rapidly as possible. We have all the parts that will be required to clean and repair your truck radiator and get your shipment back on the road to save you time. Our technicians are experienced, skilled and capable of repairing or rebuilding your radiator as required.

We are known as Ontario’s most trustworthy place to take large equipment and trucks for replacements and radiator repairs. From agricultural equipment and off-road trucks to school buses and local transit, we have the technicians and facilities to get you back on the road with minimal downtime.

We have in stock heavy duty radiators and our staff services are incomparable. Irrespective of whether your heavy duty unit is plastic, aluminium, steel, copper or brass, we are equipped with the product knowledge and proficiency to get you going fast.

We ensure better cooling of your radiator by cleaning it on a regular basis thus permitting more air to flow through the fins and increase the cooling capacity of your radiator. A standard pressure and cleaning test increases you radiator’s life and helps prevent problems and breakdowns in future.

How are our services unique?

We provide replacements for tanks, fin and tube repairs as well as complete radiator rebuilds. We have an age-old tradition of sustaining personal relationships with all our clients because we believe that our clients are our main assets.

King Radiator has numerous years of experience repairing radiators for trucks of all models. Our experience is unmatched in Ontario and autonomous auto repair shops have relied on us and trusted us for many years to handle their repair needs because of our skills and vast knowledge.

We derive great contentment in knowing that our clients are pleased with our work and that they will refer anyone who needs similar services to us. We will pick up your heavy duty radiator from your place of business if it is located within the Ontario area. After repairing it, we will bring it back, in most cases on the same day.

If it were not for you, we would probably not exist and we are aware that our reliable and worthy services are the reason why our clients keep coming back to us for their cooling system and radiator needs.