Mack radiators

Mack Radiators

Regular radiator maintenance is an essential and basic part of the general health of your Mack truck. Your engine’s cooling system is quite simple when it comes to its design. Nonetheless, it is quite common to experience engine failure if you do not maintain your engine at particular temperatures. Your radiator’s role is to keep your truck and its engine cool while they are running. Radiator’s act like your engine’s wingman, and in the absence of your radiator, your engine would not last through cold nights and it would easily overheat during simple drives. The best way to ensure that your Mack’s cooling system remains in perfect shape is to keep its system clean. You may have to call our mechanics to service your truck if it overheats. Here, we are capable of cleaning your truck’s system to help it cool down.

What we do

With time, your Mack’s radiator will accumulate a buildup of solid deposits, which can cause blockages in your cooling system and pipes. Our mechanics are able to perform a rapid radiator flush to solve this problem so as to keep your cooling system in perfect condition. Another section in your cooling system is the antifreeze. It is imperative to change your antifreeze on a regular basis and our technicians can do that for you so as to ensure that your truck’s system does not freeze up during the cold season. If an issue with your cooling system goes beyond a simple flush or replacement, our team of automotive experts will identify the problem using a pressure test. At times, there is oil in your radiator and if that is the case, we recommend that you bring your truck to our auto care facility right away. If there is oil in the coolant, we will require you to drive your Mack truck for an extended period of time so that the engine heats to its normal practical temperature. After that, we will then be in a position to solve the oil spillage problem.

Reasons why we are the best

Whenever you want to outfit your truck with the right radiator, you either have to be knowledgeable enough regarding the radiator so as to make the purchase or learn about the proficiency of your sales company. We are an open book and we know all there is to know about radiators so you can be sure that you are dealing with experts when you come to us.

  • We examine your radiator prior to taking it apart. This guarantees that everything remains intact even after repair.
  • We care about the environment and that is why we dispose of your truck’s coolant.
  • We work efficiently and swiftly in our repairs to ensure that you have minimal downtime and you do not lose money.
  • Our customer care services are flawless. Our technicians will answer all your questions in regard to your radiator repair as well as give you advice on how to avoid problems in the future.
  • We are conveniently located and therefore, you can easily access our services at any time of day.

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