Bus and Coach Radiator Repair

bus and coach radiator

At King Radiator, we have knowledgeable and skilled staff with many years of practice who work with huge commercial businesses all over Canada. Our workspace is abundantly equipped to ensure the highest standards we repair your bus and coach radiators using the highest standards.

Our skilled staff at King Radiator are capable of fixing many systematic difficulties found on buses and coaches. They are able to examine all coach and bus radiators in our huge testing tank. The outcomes of these tests assist our team in establishing the cause of the hitches that your bus or coach is undergoing.

Radiators are one of the most key parts of buses and coaches. Warranting that your coach or bus is running at the maximum level, and eradicating pricey breakdowns, makes the difference of your bus or coach being lucrative or not.

Our services

Our services vary from re-core and repair to comprehensive replacement of truck radiators. Whereas we take pride in being experts in all matters related to truck radiators, our services also comprise of, air conditioning repair, truck radiator repair and oil cooler repair.

We understand that your coach or bus is your income earner and making sure that its radiator is running suitably makes a huge difference. At King Radiator, we take this duty and approach every radiator repair with the sense of urgency it warrants.

When you bring your coach radiator to us, we will replace or repair it as soon as possible and get it back on the road in most cases by the next day. If you need a replacement, we offer same day delivery in our service areas so that you can get the replacement radiator you need, when you need it.

Sometimes, your bus or coach radiator malfunctions because it is leaking. Leakages reduce coolant levels in your engine and inhibit your radiator’s ability to normalise the temperatures in your engine. If this happens, your engine will overheat and stop functioning.

Again, if you do not have your coolant levels checked or refilled on a regular basis, your system will begin to rust from the inside. This rust may cause blockages and cause your radiator to fail. As such, we ensure that we check your levels of coolant every time you bring in your bus for maintenance.

Why choose us

  • We provide high-quality workmanship to guarantee efficient radiator repairs.
  • We provide out of hours customer services whereby our technicians attend to you even after normal working hours.
  • We accommodate courier services and we can arrange for drop-offs and pickups of components.
  • We hire the most qualified technicians to ensure that our clients get professional services.
  • We are always accessible and willing to offer consultancy services to our clients who need advice on how to avoid unnecessary damage to their truck radiators.
  • We use standard equipment for your radiator replacements and repairs.
  • We carry out our repairs speedily because we understand that your bus or coach is your livelihood and such, our aim is to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

Contact us for that remarkable repair experience.