Mack Radiator Repair

mack truck radiator

Consistent radiator maintenance is a fundamental and essential part of the overall health of your Mack truck. An engine’s cooling system is rather simple when it comes to its design. However, it is quite common to encounter engine failure if you do not maintain your engine at certain temperatures.

Your radiator’s job is to keep your car and its engine cool while they are running. Radiators are like your engine’s wingman. In the absence of the radiator, your engine would easily overheat during simple drives and would not last through the cold nights.

The most operational way to ensure that your Mack’s cooling system stays in perfect shape is to keep its system clean. If it overheats, you may need to have your cooling system serviced. Here at King Radiator in Ontario, Canada, we can clean your vehicle’s cooling system to help it cool down.

Our services

Over time, your Mack’s radiator is bound to accumulate a buildup of compact deposits, which can result in blocked pipes and lines inside the cooling system. We are able to conduct a speedy radiator flush here at King Radiator to solve this problem and keep your cooling system in the best condition.

An additional section within your cooling system is the antifreeze. It is vital to change your antifreeze regularly. Our technicians are capable of changing your antifreeze so as to ensure that your vehicle’s system does not freeze up when the cold season arrives.

If a problem with your cooling system spreads past a simple replacement or flush, our automotive team will be able to detect the problem. They will perform a pressure test to determine if you radiator’s pressure is right.

If the pressure test reveals that it’s not, we will examine your cooling system’s connections, hoses and caps to decide if they need repair or replacement. We will then go ahead to give you an honest and fair quotation on the costs of labour and parts.

Sometimes, there is oil in your radiator and if that is the case, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to King Radiator immediately. We will start your vehicle, then remove the radiator cap to study the condition of the coolant in your radiator.

If there is oil in the coolant, then we will require you to drive your Mack truck for a prolonged period of time so that the engine heats to its normal functional temperature. After this, we will then be able to solve the oil spillage problem.

Why choose us

  • We inspect your radiator before taking it apart to ensure that after repair, everything still remains intact.
  • We dispose of your vehicle’s coolant safely after draining the radiator. This is because it is lethal to animals.
  • We work fast and efficiently in our repairs to ensure that you don’t lose money or waste time.
  • We have impeccable customer care services and will answer all your questions concerning your radiator repair as well as give you advice on how to prevent unnecessary problems.
  • We are conveniently located in Ontario, Canada and as such, you can easily access our services any time you need us.