Building Generator sets

Generator Sets

A generator set combines an electrical generator attached to an engine so as to provide power. A diesel compression-ignition engine often runs on fuel oil, but some types use natural gas or other liquid fuels. During the running of a diesel generator, the engine, fuel system and exhaust system require close supervision for any leaks that may cause dangerous incidences. Just like any internal combustion engine, regular maintenance is important. We can perform oil changes after every 100 hours of operation so as to ensure that your generator set is trouble-free and lasts for a long time to come. Here are some more generator set services that we provide.


You must use a dipstick at regular intervals to check your engine oil while shutting down your generator. When you allow us to perform maintenance, we will allow the oil in the upper section of your engine to drain back into the crankcase. We will then keep the oil level as close as possible to the full mark on the dipstick by adding the same brand and quality of oil. We also ensure that we change the filter and oil at acclaimed time interludes. Our technicians are able to check with your engine’s manufacturer for procedures that they can use to drain the oil and replace the oil filter. We dispose of the oil appropriately so as to avoid environmental liability or damage.

Fuel system check

Diesel is susceptible to corrosion and pollution within a period of one year and therefore we recommend regular generator set exercise to use up stored fuel before it degrades. We will drain the fuel filters at selected intervals due to the water vapor that builds up and condenses in the fuel tank. Regular fuel polishing and testing is necessary if by the end of three to six months the fuel has not run out. Our preventive maintenance includes a regular general inspection that includes checking the staring system, fuel system, oil level and coolant level. We inspect the hoses and charge-air cooler piping for leaks, debris, dirt, cracks, holes and leaks that may be blocking loose connections and fins.

Cooling system check

We will check your coolant levels during shutdown periods at the indicated interval. We will remove the radiator cap after allowing the engine to cool, and if necessary, add coolant until the level is about three quarters full. If your generator set is heavy-duty, you will need a balanced coolant blend of coolant additives, antifreeze, and water. Afterward, we will examine the interior of your radiator for blockages and eliminate all foreign material with a cloth or soft brush to avoid damaging the fins. Sometimes, we use a stream of water in the opposite direction of normal airflow or low-pressure compressed air to clean your generator set.

Oil drips and other issues are easy to detect and take care of when the engine is nice and clean. Although visual inspections guarantee that belts and hoses are in good condition, our frequent checks can keep insects and other nuisances from nesting in your equipment. The more you use your generator set, the more maintenance it requires and we are your reliable partner.