Transit Radiator Repair


For several years, King Radiator has been providing Ontario, Canada and its surrounding areas with professional transit radiator services and much more. Our devoted staff is able to handle anything from car frame repair to gas tank repair.

Our technicians are state licensed and have a fast reaction time once they receive your call. If you have construction machinery or heavy equipment that necessities work, we will repair and return it in a well-timed manner.

At King Radiator, we realise that having your equipment up and running is important for any business. Depending on the job, we provide on-site transit radiator repairs and installations as well.

Our services

Because of accidents or other conditions, you may discover that you are in need of a car frame repair or transit radiator repair, we can repair your vehicle irrespective of the damage meted out on it. If you discover that your transit radiator has a blockage or leak, trust our experts to conduct a repair quickly and proficiently.

The most common indicators of radiator failure relate to coolant leaks. You should bring in your vehicle every two weeks for us to check your radiator’s water or coolant levels. On most cooling systems, there will be an evident minimum or maximum level that you can use to gauge the level of coolant.

If you have not been having your coolant refilled or checked, the inside of the system will start to corrode and this will result to blockages. Corrosion normally results in the development of small holes that lead to coolant loss and hence the need for a radiator repair.

Coolant levels will reduce naturally over time, but a huge drop over a small period of time or a puddle of greenish or yellow fluid on the ground is a sign of a radiator leak. We recommend that you contact us immediately if you notice this.

Your transit radiator’s responsibility is to remove the heat generated by the engine to the air in order to normalise the engine’s temperature and prevent overheating. If the engine overheats, then it will stop functioning. Our technicians are able to return your engine’s temperature to normal and running again.

Even though there are minor deviations to the cooling system and radiator systems in general from model to model, our technicians know how they work and will have no problems identifying any issues that occur with them.

Why choose us

  • We use original high-quality equipment or factory sanctioned aftermarket parts and fluids to repair or replace your vehicle’s parts.
  • When you need radiator repair in Ontario or its surrounding areas, our friendly professionals are readily accessible.
  • Our services are conveniently accessible online and you can access us at any time of the day.
  • We are always ready to give advice on how to take care of your radiator so that you can prolong its lifespan and answer any of your questions regarding the same.
  • We repair your truck radiator in good time to ensure that you get back on the road because we know that time is money.

Once you spot any of the discussed symptoms, contact us for exceptional repairs.