International Radiator Repair


Keeping your vehicle’s radiator in the best condition possible is vital for your safety and those around you. Systematic maintenance can help to accomplish this. We at King Radiator can look over your vehicle to determine any components that may require repairs or replacements.

This can avert more problems and extra expenses in future. It can also lessen the chances of the parts adjacent to your radiator from failing. One of the most important parts that we check during maintenance, is the radiator under your vehicle’s cover.

Your truck’s radiator is a heat exchanger used to transmit thermal energy from one part to another in order to heat and cool your vehicle. A lot of modern vehicle’s use aluminium radiators that are made of thin aluminium fins.

Our services

When a radiator begins to fail, it generates perceptible symptoms that can help you determine whether you require a repair or replacement. We are equipped with highly trained technicians capable of getting your radiator functioning correctly again.

A defective radiator usually causes higher operating temperatures in the engine, causing it to overheat more than is considered normal. Our technicians will be able to fix such a problem and get your international radiator to run at the correct temperature.

Another common problem with radiators is leaking coolant. If your radiator is cracked, you will notice a yellow or greenish puddle on the ground as a result. We do not endorse patching because it is not a long term solution. Instead, we recommend that you bring your international radiator for repair at our facility.

At times, debris and rust may accumulate in your radiator and infect the coolant fluid leaving it oil coloured or oxidised. A rusty radiator may cause shedding in the coolant, which will sooner or later create a sludge that will no longer cool the engine efficiently.

While it is not possible for you to stop your radiator from malfunctioning, you can take the basic maintenance measures to keep it working as long as it should. We also recommend that you bring your vehicle infrequently so that we can examine it. This way, we can advise you on what needs fixing before you begin to encounter more problems.

Why you should use our services

  • We understand that for our clients, time is money. As such, we carry out our repairs quickly and competently to ensure that you get back on the road in no time.
  • We know that at times, our clients get busy and have no time to visit us physically. We have our services online where you can check us out and book an appointment conveniently from wherever you are.
  • Our technicians have undergone proper training and have accreditation so you can be sure that when you bring in your international radiator for repair, our professionals will handle it appropriately.
  • We have excellent after sales service because after we finish repairing your radiator, we personally bring it back to you.
  • Our staff are friendly and are always readily available to offer advice and answer any questions that you may be having.
  • We use quality parts for repairs and replacements.