Mining radiator Repair

Mining Equipment Radiator Repair

Regardless of the type of machinery you own, we have all your needs covered. We specialize in repairing mining equipment radiators. Our team of technicians with over a decade of experience can handle the largest of loaders, backhoes, drill rigs, mine shovels, bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks. We have numerous regular customers that depend on us for all their intercoolers, hydraulic oil coolers and radiators. We offer rapid, professional and dependable service that is unparalleled. Radiator manufacturers who can supply us OEM products, as well as aftermarket products engineered to meet ISO standards, support us as well.

Industrial and mining radiator repair

At our facility, we major in the repair of extensively heavy-duty industrial strength radiators that can withstand the harshest environments. As a supplementary means of protection, we use a special surface coating to safeguard your radiator against erosion that may be as a result of the harsh mining environment. Since the design of these radiators is ideal for the mining industry, they can function even in the highest of temperatures and the additional protection allows them to deal with dusty, dry and challenging conditions. Our industrial strength radiators are of a cannular construction which suggests strength and protection from damage and simplicity of servicing and maintenance. We pride ourselves in a fully equipped workshop where we service, maintain and repair any radiators and cores.

Remedy for radiator premature corrosion

Your mining equipment’s radiator is susceptible to corrosion. This could be as a result of insufficient preparation of a new radiator prior to fitting among other things. In such cases, it means that the mechanical and chemical deterioration of your radiator’s heater plates and tubes is causing cracks and holes in the core, and will severely decrease corrosion protection. The tubes will also become fragile and eventually develop holes and cracks, naturally causing a reduction in performance and efficiency leading to overheating. Coolant will begin to weaken if it exceeds its lifespan. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential if you want to keep your mining equipment radiator in top condition. We can perform regular maintenance to your cooling system to ensure that your corrosion inhibitor stays fresh and that sediments do not buildup.

Professional cooling system specialists

We specialize in all mechanical servicing, automotive cooling services and repairs covering all passenger and commercial vehicles. We offer real cooling solutions for all automotive, motorcycles, trucking, and industrial applications. We draw on over a decade of experience in the industry. The perfect radiator design is the type where the widest part whether it’s the width or the height, faces the tubes, as this maximizes its cooling capacity. When we repair or replace your mining equipment radiator with a hi-tech radiator, you get the chance to reconfigure your radiator in order to improve its cooling performance. Since radiator tubes are very small and in the mining environment in particular where there are numerous contaminants, it is important to ensure that they are free of pollutants. We only use clean, distilled or filtered water for use in the cooling system to ensure high performance of your radiator. Contact us for an exemplary job.