Truck Air cooler Repair

Truck Air Cooler Repair

If you have an over the road truck, then it probably has a charge air cooler. Although some people erroneously refer to charge air coolers as inner coolers, they are typically water over air coolers as the name suggests. They are located in the inside of the engine, rather than in a section in the air stream in front of the engine. Charge air coolers are air-to-air coolers usually located in the air stream. Their role is to cool down compressed air from the turbo charger. According to Boyle’s law, anytime you compress gas, you get heat. When a charge air cooler leaks, you lose valuable boost causing less fuel efficiency and power.

Guaranteed ‘no leak’ services

A truck operating five days a week on the road with a leaking charge air cooler can waste up to $ 10.000 annually in fuel. That alone provides you with a very good reason to allow our professionals to inspect your truck’s air cooler and repair it if necessary. That way, you can easily save money to use on other requirements like brakes and tires. We offer guaranteed ‘Zero Leak’ recore services for charge air coolers. This involves cutting out the core section of the assembly, preparing the brackets and tanks and welding the assembly back together with a first-class quality core. Our expert technicians will then examine and test the pressure of the units to ensure that you get the quality assembly you deserve. We also provide simple repairs of core damage. We have no leak acceptance on our new core assemblies. Nevertheless, if your old one has a few minor leaks, we will notify you but not hard sell you on a new one.

Our promise to you

We are always thankful to our customers for allowing us to serve them and therefore, we always strive to provide quality services in a cost effective and practical manner. We aim to supply you with nothing but the best service and quality parts. None of our staff members are perfect but you can always rest assured that we will put our best foot forward when it comes to serving you. Here, we pride ourselves in being the area’s most dependable place to take huge trucks and equipment for radiator repairs. From local transit trucks to campers, we have the technicians to get you back on the road with minimal downtime. We have in stock hundreds of heavy-duty radiators, and you cannot compare our repair staff to any other in the region. Irrespective of whether your truck’s unit is plastic, aluminum, steel, copper or brass, we have the product knowledge and experience to get you back on the road. Regularly cleaning truck radiators off of your truck ensures better cooling by allowing more airflow to pass through the fins to increase your radiator’s cooling capacity. We can conduct a standard pressure and cleaning test to extend the life of your radiator and help prevent future problems and breakdowns. We offer tank replacements as well as complete radiator rebuilds. If you are having any trouble with your truck’s air cooler, give us a call today.