Caterpillar Radiator Repair

caterpillar truck radiator

At King Radiator, we are equipped with the experience to service and repair all Caterpillar style radiators. We clean fundamental sections as well without taking out tanks, which saves you a lot of money. Our attention to detail gives us the best aftermarket replacement in Ontario, Canada.

We offer the best services in Caterpillar Radiator repair and maintenance, which means that you get the best quality repair for any heavy duty or industrial cooling needs. Our accredited technicians bring their proficiency to every job providing the excellent work that you as a client expect.

We finalise your Caterpillar radiator repair and return it to you within an average of four days through our rapid services.  With our severe quality checks and question and answer, procedures will give you back your radiator functioning better.

Our Services

When you think Ontario radiator repair, think King Radiator. Our technicians are able to fix any type of radiator whether imported or new, pre-owned or brand new. When it comes to radiator repair, we are the best and you can rest assured that we would much rather gain a long-term client than make a quick buck.

Caterpillar radiator problems require repairs, which can be quite expensive. As such, some of these problems can literally burn a hole in your pocket. An overheating Caterpillar radiator is one of those problems.

Caterpillar radiators can overheat due to broken hoses, too little coolant, broken ventilation fans or a damaged radiator that is leaking. Our technicians are able to repair such problems and have your Caterpillar radiator functioning again.

Most caterpillar radiators are new but few are made of plastic. The metal models tend to rust rapidly, while the plastic ones are susceptible to cracking. We use high-quality coolant with distilled water and anti-rust to deal with such problems.

Sometimes, your caterpillar radiator may develop cracks. Such cracks may cause your radiator to leak and as such, we repair simple cracks with either epoxy resin or welding. In the future, however, we may have to replace them to prevent further damage.

It is cheaper and easier to carry out a plastic repair compared to a metal radiator repair. Our technicians will often advise that you replace a plastic radiator if the damage is extensive. They ensure that your radiator is empty, cool and free of grease before attempting a repair.

Why choose us?

  • We have a team of technicians who work together and are highly trained and competent enough to repair your Caterpillar radiator and have it functioning again.
  • We have no hidden charges and will repair your Caterpillar radiator at reasonable prices that are affordable to the average individual.
  • We provide consultancy services and advise our clients on what the best step of action in repairing their radiators is.
  • We carry out our repairs fast and effectively to ensure that your time is not wasted. We complete most of our repairs within three days.
  • Our services are online so we are readily available anytime you require our services. With just the click of a button, you can be able to book an appointment with our technicians.