Western star radiator

Western Star Radiators

Most people are guilty of postponing car repairs but unlike squeaky brakes or a busted air conditioner, our auto experts say you should never delay in repairing a Western Star radiator that is leaking. This is because your radiator is responsible for cooling your truck’s engine and not fixing it promptly can cause your engine to overheat leading to a costly replacement or repair. If you are driving, stop immediately and contact us to send our mobile mechanics since even a short overheating event can cause engine failure or blow your head gasket on today’s low-tolerance aluminum engines.

What could be the cause of a radiator leak on your Western Star?

The most popular reason for a radiator leak is lack of maintenance. If you do not bring in your Western Star for service such as coolant flushes on a regular basis, your system is susceptible to oxidation. Another common cause is over-pressurization of the system because of head gasket failures or sticking thermostats. In our years of dealing with radiators, we have discovered that most leaks occur at a seam between the radiator’s tank and core. The new materials such as plastic used to make modern radiators also crack much easier.

What to do in case your Western Star radiator begins to leak

Our mechanics advice that it is a good idea to check your coolant level on a regular basis so as to ensure that the capacity is right. Unexpected drops indicate a leakage. Normally, a decent-sized radiator leak is easy to spot because you will notice red, orange or greenish fluid pooling under your Western Star. Increased engine temperature is another warning sign. If you suspect that you have a radiator leak, contact us to diagnose your Western Star radiator. We will determine the size of the leak and its source.

Is radiator sealant a viable option?

You may have Googled ways to fix a radiator leak if you have had the misfortune of experiencing one. Online searches will often lead you to several radiator sealants that are quite affordable. Our mechanics generally do not recommend the use of such products if you want long-term results. Use radiator sealant only in emergency situations or as a temporary form of repair. The glue that does not find its way to the leak may stick to other areas and cause a blockage which will cost you significantly. We have discovered that, radiator leak repairs are not long-term solutions. As such, we recommend radiator replacement. If your Western Star radiator has a minor damp area at the center of the tank, which is the key cooling component of radiators, but there is no dripping, we let you make the decision whether to replace your radiator or not.

At the end of the day, your Western Star is a huge investment and having its radiator malfunctioning does more harm than good to your business. We understand that and that is why we always work hard to ensure that we complete our repairs within a day and get you back on the road. We are as authentic and as reliable as they come.