Air Conditioner Repair

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Who are we?

King Radiator HD Inc. is a Canadian home-based business. It was established in 1967 by Robert Konig who saw an exceptional opportunity to deliver standard services to an industry that was in distress over poor quality control.

King Radiator has developed from a small facility in the suburbs of Toronto to a principal supplier to various industries with a concrete re-coring service to Public Works, Transit and Heavy Duty Trucks.

Why choose us

At King Radiator, we deliver an entire professional air conditioning recharge problem-solving station to your job location. You need to ensure that refrigerant remains in your system when you recharge it. Here at King Radiator, we test for leaks on all our recharge jobs before adding refrigerant to your system.

Any time we change the constituents of your system, we flush out all contaminants and debris before adding new parts. All our jobs of changing new parts always include replacing accumulators, receiver dryers and expansion valves.

When servicing your air conditioning system, we always conduct a top end gas analyser to get a confirmation of purity of refrigerant before adding anything. This guarantees that there is no cross contamination because once your system gets contaminated, it is close to impossible to bring it back to the original.

When bearing AC compressors, hose ends, evaporators and dryers or any other air conditioner components to the atmosphere, your air conditioning system will not work at its peak if any moisture is left behind in your system.

All our air conditioning services always include emptying of water in your air conditioning system before adding refrigerant. This usually takes some extra time but we are committed to providing the best services to our clients.

Why we are your best choice

  • Digitally controlled AC systems

Most new air conditioning systems now communicate through computers. Air conditioning systems are no longer secluded from the rest of the vehicle. We incorporate electronics into this whole mix and as a result, more fuel saving strategies have come in line.

  • Vacuum cleaning

Enough good things cannot be said about our handy vacuum pumps because they ensure that your system is leak-free and will not drain your refrigerant. It also flushes all the undesirable moisture out of your AC’s piping. Keep in mind that water is good for heaters but bad for air conditioners.

  • Air Conditioner flushing

A lot of solid toxins accumulate when quickie AC kits are used without properly pulling out water out of your system before recharging it. When it is impossible for us get messages between the low and high side, we flush and that usually works.

  • Receiver Dryer

This technology is older compared to the Accumulator but it works great and has a water removing desiccant bag that minimises moisture. When the receiver dryer gets sticky inside, it discharges contaminants that block small pinhole passageways like in the expansion valve.

  • Pressure switch

If your pressure switch is jammed on without much refrigerant, your system will run empty. This is bad and causes damage but not quite as sudden, but nonetheless expensive and permanent. We design pressure switches that will shut down the entire system to save you the trouble.