Custom Built Radiators

Anytime we build custom radiators, we like to build something extraordinary. Our technicians have the ability to build to the specification of your desire and we believe this is what sets us apart from our competition. We have designed some of the most extraordinary radiators so that our clients can have something that fits their needs rather than finding something that comes close to what they want. Since we custom build almost all kinds of radiators, it takes quite some time to go through the communication process with our customers so as to get the right design for them. We do not mind this stage of custom building your radiator. As a matter of fact, we enjoy getting to know our clients.

What it is all about

Once we complete custom building your radiator, you will have one that fits your stipulations. We like to use triple passing when doing our job so that we can get the most efficiency out of your radiator and we do not charge more for this enhancement. The way triple passing works is by inserting a stump in each tank so as to direct the flow of coolant forcing it to go back and forth across the radiator core three times. What this does is to force the core to be fully efficient by ensuring that the coolant does not just adapt to the part of least resistance, also by holding the coolant in the radiator longer so that it gets to cool as much as possible before leaving the radiator.

Size and price matters

Whether you need a heavy-duty industrial radiator or a performance quality radiator, you should check us out. The advantage of our custom-built radiators is their size and contrary to popular belief, big is not always better. We understand that size matters and that is why when you work with one of our expert radiator specialists, we will help you determine the best size for your vehicle and find the perfect balance of weight and size. Never settle for a standard size radiator and build around it when we can show you how a custom-built radiator will allow you to build the machine you have always wanted. Again, do not let the word ‘custom’ intimidate you. Our charges for custom-building a radiator are quite reasonable because we understand that pricing plays an important role in your decision on whether to get a custom-built radiator or not.

We mean what we say

Our radiator specialists are the best in the industry. They know how and where to cut costs without compromising on performance or quality. With many years of committed experience, we stand behind all our work. Our aim is to provide you with what you want at the fairest prices possible. There are many shops that offer custom-built radiators but there are several reasons that set us apart from them. One of these reasons is that we will never let you down. For years, we have been offering one hundred percent guaranteed satisfaction. You will not have any complaints about our prices, products or service. Call us today to verify this claim.