King radiator Barrie

King Radiator Barrie

King Radiator’s mobile mechanics perform repairs and replacements on truck radiators. Whether your radiator is losing pressure, leaking coolant, overheating or blocked, we can definitely help. We utilize only quality coolant and parts for the prolonged life of your truck. We replace leaking, worn or damaged parts on-site. All our work comes with our twelve-month warranty that assures our customers that our services are first-rate. Once we complete our repairs, we add new coolant and bleed the system. After that, we pressure test your cooling system and check for pressure drops and leaks. We will also test drive your truck to ensure that everything is fine when your truck is at operating temperature. We have worked with radiators for many years and that just goes to show you that we have the experience required to tackle any problems related to your truck’s radiator. King Radiator is a force to reckon with in the automotive repair industry. With our skilled staffs who commit themselves to delivering flawlessness with each job they handle, we can only get better.

Why choose King Radiator Barrie

When you need the right radiator fix for your car in Barrie area, King Radiator repair shop is the first place you should go to. At our facility, radiator repair is our forte. If you have a radiator leak, or just need routine radiator maintenance or are looking to find for hard to find radiator parts, think of King Radiator. We guarantee that our radiator fix will ensure the efficient cooling of your engine. Our skilled and experienced staff provides expert and speedy service and their commitment to customer satisfaction make King Radiator the main destination for quality radiator parts, radiator maintenance and radiator repair. Anytime you need a permanent radiator fix, we will ensure that we complete our repairs in a manner that is long lasting and timely manner. At King Radiator, we pride ourselves not only on our remarkable track record, but also on our solid dedication to customer service. Each day, we strive to give our customers more for less. This basically means that we offer affordable prices on our services without ever compromising on quality. If you need to replace your radiator in your heavy-duty truck, have a leak, or just need regularly scheduled radiator maintenance, come into our radiator repair shop or call us. We will be more than happy to help you with your radiator repair needs, including your radiator fix. Keep in mind that without a doubt, King Radiator is Barrie’s radiator repair professionals.

Best truck radiator services Barrie

A lot of truck owners usually have questions when it comes to their radiators and repair. Unfortunately, most repair shops will not address any concerns you may have. At King Radiator, we will answer all your questions. We offer an array of services at King Radiator but our specialty lies in truck radiators and the following services.

  • Radiator replacement
  • General radiator service
  • Radiator parts
  • Radiator maintenance
  • Radiator leak repair
  • Automotive radiator repair
  • Industrial radiator repair

When you take to your truck to some of the auto care shops in Barrie they will only give temporary fixes to your problems. For instance, if your radiator has holes or leaks, they will use epoxy to fix it. This only helps in the beginning but you will find yourself back on the drawing board. We offer more permanent solutions such as welding. If you prefer to have us come to your site to perform repairs, we can make it happen. If you want you want us to pick up your truck, perform the repairs at our repair facility and bring it back to you, we can do that as well. We truly believe that we are among the leading auto repair facilities in Barrie because our customers always come back to us when they need their trucks serviced. Call or visit us to prove if our claims are correct.