King Radiator Bolton

King Radiator Bolton

Most of you in Bolton know us as a repair facility for all your automotive needs, but do you know everything that we do separate from automotive repairs? Over the past few years we have become one of the leaders in aftermarket charge air coolers and radiators. Currently, we are the region’s largest suppliers of heavy-duty charge air coolers and truck radiators. We not only service your small trucks but the large trucks that you see on the highway such as Kenworth, Freightliner and Mack as well. We distribute all over the country with our drivers personally delivering products. We are proud to say that we carry the best aftermarket products with industry warranties. The automotive industry is constantly evolving and we strive to keep up with that by taking our staff through new courses to update their knowledge. With new technology, come newer and more complex procedures of establishing and repairing problems hence the need for more meticulously trained technicians.

Why choose King Radiator Bolton

If you are searching for an auto repair facility that you can entrust your truck radiator to, you need to take into account how much time they spend on training. When you walk into our facility, the first thing you will notice are the multiple certifications and awards from our technicians. This should assure you that we will utilize the latest technology to deliver a flawless job. In our industry, it is important to provide professional services otherwise we become a joke. We are all about convenience in the delivery of our services so if you want us to pick up your truck and take it to our repair facility, we will do so and bring it back after we complete the repairs. If you want us to come to you and carry out the repairs, we will do that as well. If you cannot be able to visit our auto care facility, you have the option of calling or scheduling an appointment online. Whatever suits you best, we can accommodate. We are also the most competitively priced in Bolton and this does not mean that the quality of our work is wanting. Contrary to that, we deliver exceptional services with our affordable prices. Honesty is one of our main policies. We know how hard money is hard to come by and we will only charge you for our services and not the time we spend on your truck. Free upfront price quotes are also one of the features that set us apart from our competitors.

Best truck radiator services Bolton

The radiator is the beginning of your truck’s cooling system. Radiators usually develop leaks in several places including the cores, tubes, seams, and hoses. Without a radiator that is functioning properly, your engine is likely to overheat. This is something you want to avoid at all costs, but if it does happen, we at King Radiator are up to task to fix it and here is how.

  • Locating the leak- Before we can do anything, we first need to know where the leak is. Coolant can leak from many places so you first want to be sure that it is coming from the radiator.
  • Pressure test- If we cannot locate the leak visually, we will have to use a pressure tester on your system. This tool will pressurize your system without the engine running thus making leaks easy to detect.
  • Fixing the leak- Once we have identified the leak, we will determine the best way to fix it. There are several ways to do this including using epoxy glue or adding cooling system sealer. However these are only temporary solutions. We recommend welding or soldering to give you a more permanent solution. If your radiator is beyond repair, we can replace as well. Contact us today for professional and unparalleled service, we are always glad to add satisfied customer to our bandwagon.