King Radiator Oshawa

King Radiator Oshawa

Older model trucks had radiators made of brass and copper alloys. This made it easier to repair them because all that you had to do was to solder the holes or cracks causing leakages. However, over the years, things have changed and newer models of trucks now have radiators made of aluminum cores, which have bottom tanks and plastic tops. These newer radiators are more susceptible to damage since even improperly removing a pressure cap, over tightening a clip or forcing off a hose can damage them. It is impossible for a home mechanic to accurately repair damage to these modern radiators and that is where we at King Radiator come in. We have the knowledge and experience to handle your truck’s radiator and the one thing that we appreciate about these newer radiators is that they are lighter than the conventional ones and have simple fittings that we can easily remove.

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There are several auto care facilities in Oshawa that offer similar services to ours and you may ask why you should pick us as your service provider. First of all, we value and respect our customers. There is no day that you will walk into our facility and get the feeling that you are undervalued. This is because besides the regular training on how to handle vehicle repairs and servicing, our staff have also gone through customer care training. You will receive courteous and prompt services anytime you call or visit our premises. Secondly, we do not upsell ourselves and neither are we out to get your money without delivering what you expect from us. With every job we handle, our aim is to achieve perfection and anytime there are flaws in our work, we offer free correction of our mistakes. This is also evident in our provision of a workmanship warranty. We stand behind our work because we are confident that it is of high quality. Our free price quotes also set us apart from the rest. A lot of auto care companies charge by the hour and we think that is not fair at all. We charge you based on the service and you therefore never have to worry about going outside of your budget. Last but not least, we boast of many years of experience in the industry. There is nothing that has to do with your truck radiator that we cannot handle. Over the years, we have worked on all kinds of truck makes and models. Trust us to deliver beyond your expectations when you come to King Radiator.

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Your truck’s radiator will age over time and when that happens, several issues may arise signaling to you that it is time to replace your radiator. Your radiator can sustain irreparable damage and this may result to the need for a radiator replacement in order to prevent breakdowns in the future. You first need to keep in mind that radiators are made of metal and almost all metals are susceptible to aging and weakening. The constant cooling down and heating up of the radiator puts the same strain on the metal as bending a piece of wire back and forth in the same area on the wire because of course, it will eventually break. When your radiator is under pressure, you can lose a substantial amount of coolant rapidly. Our technicians will recommend a replacement if they notice that yours is ready for one. Again, rust will form on unprotected iron and we call this oxidation. With time, more of the metal on your radiator oxidizes until small openings begin to appear. The high pressure inside the hot cooling system of your truck will spray coolant through these small openings as you drive. Although stop leak can slow the leaks for some time, that is only a temporary solution and we recommend that you come in for a replacement.